The Beskids are one of the most beautiful and popular mountain groups in Poland, simply a perfect place for active tourists. From spring to autumn one can hike on marked tourist routes and Nordic walking trails, cycle or ride a horse; on the other hand, in the winter one can give oneself up to the passion of white craziness on numerous ski slopes and running routes. The Beskids are also one of the few regions of Poland, where one can experience authentic folklore untainted by commerce and mass tourism. The main cities of the region are Bielsko-Biała, Żywiec, Szczyrk and Sucha Beskidzka.
The Beskids tourist brand is a picturesque region in the south of Poland, including the ranges of the Silesian, Żywiec, Mały and Makowski Beskids. These average height mountains have been attracting lovers of hiking, nature and captivating landscapes for years. The Beskids are available to everyone, regardless of their age and physical condition.
What's most valuable in the Beskids is the nature and beautiful views - landscapes seen from the top of Skrzyczne, Pilsko or Babia Góra (known as the Queen of the Beskids) leave an unforgettable impression. A system of neatly marked routes allows peaceful hikes from one mountain hostel to another, which is why the Beskids are a perfect place for longer stays, holidays (summer and winter), as well as short one- or two-day trips. Great connection with the entire Poland is in favour of the latter.
The Beskids are also the culture and the people with strong sense of local identity, in charming Beskid villages one can still encounter living authentic highlander folklore. There is no need to travel abroad to see a colourful parade of disguisers in peculiar masks full of expression - such show happens every year in the land of Żywiec, during an old carnival ceremony.


An indispensable element of the Beskid landscapes - green mountain slopes, charming valleys and small villages - is its wooden architecture. Centuries-old churches, painted cottages, roadside chapels that remained to our times represent unique heritage and allow getting to know the Beskid culture and admiring its uniqueness.
The Beskids are a region that does not slow its pace down throughout the entire year. As early as at the beginning of spring, up until late autumn the Beskids become a mecca for cyclists. Active way of spending free time in the form of cycling is gaining supporters in the country, and in the Beskids there are many options to choose from - from picturesque recreational trails at the foot of the Beskids, which can be completed by biking amateurs without much effort, to narrow and spiral trails (singletrack type), which are preferred by mountain cyclists.
Whereas in the winter the Beskids turn into Poland’s skiing capital and offer almost 200 km of trails. In Szczyrk alone, which changed unrecognizably in the past couple of years, there is over 40 km of trails. The ones who don’t want to schuss may enjoy cross-country skiing or ski touring, which has gained popularity recently.
The thing naturally associated with the Beskids are the mountains, but the region can also offer leisure by the water - Żywieckie and Międzybrodzkie lakes are the locals’ favourite places for water recreation.
The evenings are the perfect time to tour the surrounding cities, e.g. Bielsko-Biała, a city often referred to as the small Vienna due to its beautiful architecture and amazing cultural heritage, or Żywiec, associated by almost all Poles with its well-known brewery, which is definitely worth visiting.